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New Homebrew Question/Answer site

I’ve been active on the programming question & answer site, for a few years now, and in the past several months, the company behind that wonderful resource has branched out into other topics.  This week, the new site launched in public beta. The software this site runs on is finely tuned for asking […]
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Prioritizing Netflix traffic with DD-WRT

Network traffic shaping is an interesting topic, that allows you to ensure that certain traffic gets priority over other traffic.  When applied at the ISP level, this can get controversial, as you start getting into Network-Neutrality issues (where one company’s traffic gets priority over another company’s, which could lead to large media corporations silencing grassroots […]
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Experimenting with Panoramic Photography

On a recent backpacking trip to Yosemite National Park, I decided to experiment panoramic photos. There are so many astounding views from the heights above Pate Valley and the Grand Canyon of the Toulomne, I was hoping to capture at least a fraction of that beauty with my camera. Now, I don’t have a fancy […]
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Speed Improvements for Mapping Site

Here is just a quick update on my site that allows you to map multiple locations on Google Maps. If you use the site regularly, you may have noticed that it has been slow, and sometimes unresponsive, lately. (Also, you may have noticed some very wonky behavior today, but that was because I was tweaking […]
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Hexadecimal arithmetic in Google

Did you know that you can do hexadecimal arithmetic in Google? I didn’t, but I knew that Google’s calculator feature would often just do ‘the right thing’, so I decided to try it out. I wanted to use the Google Chart API to create a grouped bar chart. I wanted each of the four bars […]
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a tip to prevent deadlocks on database connections (or, at least detect them early)

It seems there were a lot of points in our code base at work that are ripe for deadlocking on database connections. We are acquiring a connection, and then calling some other methods, and a few frames down the stack, we acquire another connection (before releasing the first). This, of course, can result in a […]
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Bottle Conditioning in Growlers

Well, today seemed to be a busy day for people asking me beer-related questions on facebook. I like to repost things like this here, since the facebook wall doesn't really stick around very long.

So, a friend of mine who is just getting into homebrewing, posed this question:

hey, So the directions I have say no screw top bottles. I was planning on filling mostly just growlers, is that cool? and why is it that the net has so much contradicting information? mostly about the times for fermenting and carbonating

Well, I've experimented some with bottle-conditioning in growlers, with some mixed (but never disastrous) results. I've also heard the warning from people on the Internet about bottle bombs.

Read on for my response, which I elaborated on somewhat to fit this format (my blog), since facebook imposes character limits on wall posts and comments.

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