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FIBS: Functional interface for Interactive Brokers for Scala

Announcing a small side project I have been hacking on: a Scala wrapper library for the Interactive Brokers TWS API.  The TWS API uses a message-passing design, where you pass a message asking for a quote, for instance, and then you get a series of messages back, making up that quote.  It is up to […]
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Building Inline Comments for Pull Requests and Commits

(or, what I did over summer vacation) For the last few months, I have been working with the Bitbucket team at Atlassian.  I switched over to this team at the beginning of the summer to help build a new inline commenting feature on pull requests and commit pages, to help make the tool more useful […]
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Proof that Netflix is the only thing holding the USPS afloat

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LivingSocial/Fiesta Americana Resort Bait & Switch Scam

UPDATE: I contacted LivingSocial about this issue, and they responded in a timely manner, and offered a partial refund, which I feels remedies the situation.  I am leaving this post up to tell the story, and to alert people that they should always be on guard for issues like this, but at least LivingSocial has made a […]
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Accessing Erased Type Parameter Information in Scala

One of the things holding scala back from being a more robust language is the fact that it runs on the JVM. (On the other hand, this is also one of its strengths–you can easily interoperate with existing Java code and libraries, as well as any other code that runs ont he JVM, like Groovy […]
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US orders news blackout over crippled Nebraska Nuclear Plant– Coverup or Hoax?

In the Morning, I came across an article from the Pakistani news source, The Nation, titled US orders news blackout over crippled Nebraska Nuclear Plant.  If this is true, it is terribly troubling–both because of the implications of a nuclear meltdown in the midwestern United States, as well as the idea of a government coverup […]
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Mapping site should be faster now

Over the past few weeks, I have been noticing that the site I created to allow users to plot multiple addresses on Google Maps would sometimes become very slow when a lot of people are using it. So, I started to investigate the cause. (I am going to split this post into two sections, the […]
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