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MapCustomizer.com Launches

I have been meaning to overhaul my site that allows you to plot multiple points on Google maps for a long time now, and I am happy to announce that MapCustomizer.com is the result! There are a number of new features that people have been asking for, including: It should continue to work, even if […]
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Injecting connection information into Typesafe Slick at the last possible point

Often when designing a database-driven application, you will want flexibility¬†as to which database you want to connect to. You will certainly want different databases for production, test, and development environments. You might even want different database engines for different environments. For example, you might use an H2 database in your local development environment, and Postgres […]
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Accessing Erased Type Parameter Information in Scala

One of the things holding scala back from being a more robust language is the fact that it runs on the JVM. (On the other hand, this is also one of its strengths–you can easily interoperate with existing Java code and libraries, as well as any other code that runs ont he JVM, like Groovy […]
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Mapping site should be faster now

Over the past few weeks, I have been noticing that the site I created to allow users to plot multiple addresses on Google Maps would sometimes become very slow when a lot of people are using it. So, I started to investigate the cause. (I am going to split this post into two sections, the […]
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Hexadecimal arithmetic in Google

Did you know that you can do hexadecimal arithmetic in Google? I didn’t, but I knew that Google’s calculator feature would often just do ‘the right thing’, so I decided to try it out. I wanted to use the Google Chart API to create a grouped bar chart. I wanted each of the four bars […]
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a tip to prevent deadlocks on database connections (or, at least detect them early)

It seems there were a lot of points in our code base at work that are ripe for deadlocking on database connections. We are acquiring a connection, and then calling some other methods, and a few frames down the stack, we acquire another connection (before releasing the first). This, of course, can result in a […]
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Programming at Sea

Recently, on stackoverflow, Jeff Atwood has been concerned with 'joke' questions. One of these, which is now going to live in infamy due to all the discussion about it, is about "Programming at Sea". Now, I got curious about the questions when I heard about it, so I tried to find it. The Stack overflow moderators had already removed it, but I found it in Google's cache. I decided to exercise my rights under the Creative Commons license and repost the questions and some selected answers here, so it doesn't die forever. I, for one, think this post is both funny and interesting, though I agree that it probably isn't 'programming-related', so it doesn't really belong on SO.

So, here is the question, originally posted by Out Into Space:

I've decided to cast off from this dreadful economy and program out at sea.

Programming at Sea

I've acquired a 40ft sailboat. Should be sufficient for me and my cat (Ender).

What do I need to be a sailor/programmer? I have a basic sailing knowledge... so I'll wing that part. But the programming! THAT requires some juice which as I understand, is in short supply on long voyages.

So what do I need SO? A genset and some fuel? Would solar be enough to charge a single laptop? What about internet connection out there, got to be something?

So, my question is, what kind of setup should I create to sling code on the high seas?

Read on for some of my favorite responses...

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