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Hi Patrick, I have a beer question.

Today on Facebook, my mom asked me a question that I couldn't answer in the short limits that Facebook imposes on wall comments/posts. I reposted it here in full form.

Here is the question:

Hi Patrick, I have a beer question.

Unfiltered and unfettered Hefeweisen... I had that recently at 12 Crane and it didn't taste right. I am sure I have had it before, or at least tasted it at a beer bar in Boston with you and I liked it. When I asked the waitress about it, she said the beer was as it should be but may have seemed strange because of the "unfettered and unfiltered". Does that sound right to you or is she just a good waitress with an intelligent sounding response? I am keeping my question "filtered" because I don't want to cast aspersions on any beer makers.

love, Mom

Read on for my response:

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Wedding photos are coming in!

This will be a very quick post, but the wedding photos are trickling in from everyone.

Be sure to browse and share!

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