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Customize Firebug shortcut keys

For a web developer, Firebug is indispensable for debugging javascript and CSS. Like any good debugger, it supports shortcut keys to control the execution (step in, step over, step out, and resume). Firebug's keys (by default) are as follows:

  • F8 - Resume
  • F10 - Step Over
  • F11 - Step In
  • Shift-F11 - Step Out

However, these keys are not configurable. They may conflict with other shortcut keys in your system. They may not be the same as other keys you have already learned (eg, the keys in Eclipse). In my case, I found myself reaching for F5 - F8, which are the shortcut keys for Eclipse. Also, the Firebug keys conflict with the default Exposé keys in OS X. (Yes, I know I could change those shortcuts, but I've grown accustomed to their defaults.)

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Better support for international addresses

From reading the logs for my mapping site, I noticed that the application was blowing for many addresses outside the United States. I did a little more research, and discovered that the bug was in handling some special characters, like "ø, á, í, é, È, ž, ù, ý".

As a test case, I created a map of points from around the world that I found in the logs. Each of these queries caused an error.

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Plot multiple locations on Google Maps

gmaps.kaeding.name :: Plot multiple locations on Google Maps

I just made a few improvements to the mapping script. For example, now it will center at the average of the points, instead of on the first point. There is still a lot of room for improvement, though, so I hope to put some more time into it in the next few days/weeks. Also, notice the URL has changed.

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